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    MCR (of course), science, drums, reading / writing, artsy stuffs, other musicians such as LostAlone, Evanescence, Avenged Sevenfold, Foo Fighters e.c.t. & modern history & steampunk / Victorian style things :3
  1. Fearless Vampire Kiilers on 13th April XD I actually can't wait the tickets were so cheap I mean £8.05 I mean look at them they're soo cool and amazing and adorable
  2. Yeah I really want to help, but I'm not sure what exactly I'm useful for? I can try and do some work on stuff like promotion? I don't know.
  3. The Watchmen nearly finished though, I've seen the film but I like the graphic novel, it's really good.
  4. Finished Death Note Black Edition IV and the walking Dead Volume 9 and just about to finish Dracula, it's taken me longer to finish Dracula because I've been so tired at the moment but all of these books are good I really love Dracula, the plot is amazing and when you get into it it's just really interesting
  5. Bram Stoker's Dracula -it was a bit slow to get into but I absolutely love it. I look forward to my nightly dose of Dracula at the end of these long school days :3 i was going to get The Casual Vacancy but I heard an interview with JK on the radio and it didn't sound exactly appropriate for my age group really, though that's probably me being dorky. But I think I'll leave it for a year or two like I am with some Stephen King's, it'll probably help me apreciate the meaning behind the book better if I read it in a few years anyway
  6. I know XD I got to read Mrs Birling again which was fun I really want to see the play now it'd be fun and also I think I'd get a better perspective of the play as most of the time when we read it aloud people read it in monotone rather than using expression but it was still great :3
  7. We finished An Inspector Calls in class today, you were right it was amazing XD I also finished the really boring crime book I was reading and now I'm reading the sequel to the Harlan Coben novel Live Wire called Shelter, so far It's really good and I'm nearing the end
  8. So far I'm enjoying it it's great we've just got to the end of Act Two when Eric enter's the room? Don't know if you remember in that much detail but basically it's just getting good
  9. I'm looking at An Inspector Calls by J. B Priestly in English which so far is really good, it's also fun because as it's a play we all get given a part each lesson so everyone has a go at playing a character And I'm about to finish Fault Line by Robert Goddard which is actually a bit boring I found, so I'm not too sure I like it really but I'll finish it off.
  10. I finished a couple of crime fiction novels [a Linda La Plante & a Harlen Coben] and I'm about to venture into Death Note Black Edition: Book Three - followed by more crime fiction
  11. Sorry I've not been helping out too much on this, but I really want to contribute, if I can help out in any promotional ways, I'll happily help, especially artsy stuff I like the idea of reinacting or doing our own version of Na Na Na as well, we could make it more direct if we do our own version to make it fit in with the meet up more
  12. Blood Line - Lynda La Plante, it took a little while to get into but now it's really good
  13. I'm intrested in providing ideas & I may not be the best at art but I'll work hard and try to help out where I can. Maybe we should set up a thread for discussing ideas about what exactly we want to do with the logo, scan in ideas and rough drafts and develope it on there it may be easier than PM and it leaves it more open to opinions and ideas from people who are intrested but don't want to get involved.
  14. I third Rabidkilljoy / Caiti as head of Palmdale info & I also agree with Sulfur as head of merch & Indifferent ignorance as head of Web Design If I can help in any of the promotional or art committees let me know I would also love to be involveed I think you'd be great as head of publicity Mishty
  15. Missed the nominations, stupid time zone differences, sorry guys >.< but I agree with all those you've nominated anyway & I've voted now, so good luck to all of you