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  1. Curious but what area of the UK? *le lives in the UK too*
  2. Hi guys, sorry i've been gone for so long. Anyone willing to give me a quick summary of whats been decided?
  3. Are we still wanting to contact Warner about this in the future? 'Cause i was talking to someone from HPA about how they got organized and contacted Warner and they gave me some pointers of where to start. And are we looking to be sponsored if we're doing things for charity?
  4. mine grows pretty fast and i dont plan on cutting it so i might actually be able to do it now that i've really thought about it.
  5. I would do Locks Of Love but i would be in serious trouble with my parents if i did. Even if it was for a good cause.
  6. Spork, i know, believe me i know. Someone had a whole freaking tray of glitter bottles and spilled them EVERYWHERE so we had to clean it up. It was hell. I think it would be good to choose a charity that MCR endorses like Brinn said.
  7. Well, looking realistically by 2019 there could be a new Charity that we all want to help. So maybe we should keep our options open. Vol, one personalizes a boa with GLITTER. and other sparkly things.
  8. I second what Spork said. I know we were thinking of make-A-wish right?
  9. Hmm, maybe we could find like red/black ones for Revenge era and multi-coloured ones for the Killjoy era ect? Ahem, Jake, MY SASS IS MORE THAN YOURS. Spork, i would but it depends if i get over my social anxieties by then...
  10. Jakes, right. Because even he knows i'll win Brinn, i'll look too OOOH that reminds me. Me and some old friends did this thing called Project Boa where we tried to get as many boas as possible for this event we were doing. We sold them once the event was over and people had had their fun with them and gave what we made to Charity. Do you think we could do something like that for this?
  11. I dont think it could hurt to hunt down some amenities around Lion's Camp.
  12. Hmm, i dont know if i was there for that but i'll take your word for it JAKE IT WILL HAVE LOTS OF SASS. Can me and you have a sass war there?
  13. Brinn, I dont mind being on the list i just didn't know if anybody thought of me as a planner *confused*
  14. WHOA. HOLD THE FREAKING PHONE. I just looked at the minute and in the list of planners I was there? *confused*
  15. I like the sound of Lions or Soledad. Cyanide *HUGE HUGS* I would call but well i'm too young and it would cost a lot.