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  1. The Diner
  2. I like the idea of limiting tickets. I think I found a great campsite, there are a lot of hotels in Palmdale too. Personally I'd rather stay in the desert than in a hotel. The place I found is a state park, has showers, and flush toilets. 50 campsites, a maximum of 8 people per site. They usually do first come first serve but I want to check out their event policy and see if it would be possible to reserve the whole camp site if needs be.
  3. I posted the first drafts of the patches on the Facebook page. It's easier to share on there than on here from my phone. Yes, Palmdale. I looked up a bunch of places near there, back in the day. I don't remember any of them now. Do we have an idea what our numbers are going to be? Last time it was very difficult to find a place to accommodate the kind of numbers we were told would be attending.
  4. I need a link to the Facebook page. The patches, we couldn't sell them for profit, but we could make them for the cost of materials. I'm currently working on the pattern on my embroidery machine. It's not coming out right but I think it's a layering error. If I have time this weekend I'll sort it out.
  5. I skipped to the end just to say, I'm so glad this is still a thing! I'm in!
  6. I I figured it out! This is the only picture I had access to because my phone is dead. My daughter's roughed them up pretty good. I think Party Poison may have takes a swim in some fruit punch at one point. But here's three of the five I did.
  7. That's so cool. I can't knit or crochet. I wish I could, but I'm allergic to wool, so there's not much point anyways other than saying I can. I'm still trying to figure out how to post the damned picture. GRRRR!
  8. I found Frank and Mikey. When I remember how to post pictures, I'll put it up.
  9. Dolls are like my dream craft. I found a great book on making soft sculptured dolls, can't wait to actually try it out. So far I've done mostly painting stuff. I tried to find the MCR peg dolls I painted for my daughter by they're her favorites so they're scattered all over the place.
  10. I love making things. If I can make it My Chemical Romance related, even better. I've made Killjoy peg dolls. I'm currently working on making embroidered patches, and My Chemical Romance OOAK dolls. What are you working on?
  11. The Giver, Gathering Blue, Messenger and Son are all the books in the series. I just finished Son a few weeks ago. I'm currently reading Ready, Player One. It's AMAZING!
  12. SO, ummh, I'm back. I was a total idiot and assumed that forum had been taken down when the band broke up. I never saved a link and stopped getting emails until just a few days ago. So yeah, I'm back and feeling really stupid.
  13. I have so much to catch up on but it looks like you guys have a lot of excellent ideas.
  14. WOW I've missed so much! So organized!
  15. Thank you guys! I'm super excited. I'll be off and on till I'm feeling less nauseous then I'll be back full force. =D