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    Forever moving in the hole that never ends.
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    Drawing, dancing, singing, knives, Greek food. MCR, killing drac's, weapons, soccer, fish that poll dance, truckeroo, la cross, saying sassy, Dr. D, Stellar Synthesis the dj, hot topic, lacrosse, soccer.
  1. Well I'm reading two books right now. The Hunger Games and Someone is Hiding on Alcatraz Island. The hunger games is really good but in some parts it's sad. Someone is Hiding on Alcatraz Island is really stupid and not planned well. But I have to read it for school so nothing I can do about it.
  2. Still eleven can't wait till I turn twelve and I can say I'm a tween.
  3. I'm still 11. DX
  4. I am the youngest here so far! Anti shiny.
  5. Na na na
  6. Nope I'm the youngest! I'm 11 and m turning 12 in February!
  7. Either hell boy two or serendipity