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  1. "Yo, bizzles"? O_____o And yes, 100th page. I kinda wish I was the first one on it.
  2. One of us one of us one of us one of us. And all that jazz. The 2019 Meetup movement/plan session/thing is open to ALL!
  3. And then there was a post in the silence. [/offtopic][/revivalattempt]
  4. Wherever Radar's Minutes are. They're the best source for updates. You guys can contact the city if you deem it a good thing to do. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing.
  5. I think we got hold of the camp but didn't get a verdict.
  6. I would need a ginormous name badge to fit everything I'll want to draw on it. II, registration for the meetup would likely involve money being handed over, as it can't be free. We're providing lodging, activities, and possibly some food, and we can't pay for hundreds of people (if hundreds come) by ourselves.
  7. Wouldn't we be doing "get to know you" stuff around campfires at the end of the day. That was the whole point of the campfire pow-wows. It's like summer camp, I think. It's not like I would know, never having been to summer camp. We don't need a separate day for it. And how long could registration REALLY take? Setup might require some planners to get there early, but, as planners, it's kind of our responsibility to begin with. But no one else needs to come a whole day before the meetup starts.
  8. I wanna help with the writing workshop too....;____; But not if it means someone else gets kicked off. Becky Cloonan as in the wonderful human being who was illustrating the KJ comics that we've been promised, right? That would be SLAUGHTAMATIC. If we could swing that, it would be really cool, but do you thing we can?
  9. *ceases to panic*
  11. Yaaaaay-wait, how am I in a "circle" if you're not my friend. O____O GOOGLE PLUS CONFUSES ME, IT'S NOT BOOKFACE.
  12. Yay, I didn't fail! Also, I made you this: https://plus.google.com/117472949226517755300/about No last name is provided because shut up.
  13. Wait wait wait. Were votes not supposed to be sent to me? ;___; Okay. It's all good. I'm just confused. Radar, I thought we were s'posed to tell you in that PM. So I did. You're welcome. It's basic stuff, but it exists. And I think I might make a google+ for the sole purpose of talking to meetup people :U
  14. It was indeed me. So when voting comes around, you PM me your ballots. Sound good?
  15. ...I don't really know what to say but this thread has been in a mini-coma for six days and I think that is bad.