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  1. I've just finished Inheritance, and I'm going to read some Jane Austen next, maybe re-read Jane Eyre afterwards.
  2. I kept missing the hour
  3. It looks slaughtamatic XD
  4. IN MY DEFENSE!!! it was written yesterday... The t-shirt is an awesome idea! Want to publicize? Go straight to the top (no pun intended). Don't worry about the throwing Rachel. For a girl, throwing like a...um...girl...is perfectly acceptable XD
  5. Throw flier bombs out of tall buildings? I don't even know what flier bombs are, but they sound effective XD
  6. ...so many things to save up for...so little time And maybe they will be so unable to resist the lure of coffee, and cupcakes, and all the other lures, they will come anyway XD
  7. I feel useless. Is there anything that needs doing, and people don't want to do?
  8. I'm going to try and get one for my birthday/Christmas. Not the gap between those is that big...I'm undecided about which one to get
  9. I like the 'I survived' one too
  10. ^ I'm slow what's the list for?
  11. Awww, saving!!! I need to save up so I can go and be an unpaid teacher at a school in the slums of Brazil...And now I need to save for this... AAAARGH!!! I need a job!
  12. Awww Melli you know I love you But yes this is Official with a capital O!!!! And can in no wxy be used for chat
  13. I like the registration form and packages and stuff And stuff is boring if it's predictable. Although I wouldn't mind knowing when I'll die. Then I could do all the stuff I wanna do before I 'go down the tunnel'
  14. Reminds me of the Chemical Wxypublic original thread. But it got married, not buried *hums To the End*
  15. I was freaked out by the hundred page thread, but now it's only 10, it's not as intimidating