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  2. Crystal Vases - The Last Royals
  3. Redundant - Green Day
  4. I remember the canned doritos! I have one right here with stuff from the old thread all over it. Also I love the inside-joke merch idea.
  5. Black Tongue - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  6. I love the road trip idea. That would be so awesome! Just imagine all those killjoys in a van/bus blasting My Chem. I'm even more excited now! How long do you think that would take? A couple days?
  7. Woah that's good! I really like it
  8. Yeah I don't think we made one...
  9. I love them too! Also, maybe you could ask someone closer to throw it if you don't get barricade.
  10. Well Rachel did say before that she was putting "CALIFORNIA MEETUP 2019" on the front above the widow and the website on the back. Or something like that. Whatever works
  11. Yeah like the bra, the wooden bead things, t-shirts, and various other things
  12. Yeah good idea! If it gets it, he'll probably read it out loud and then everyone there will know about it and possibly more people will come in 2019.
  13. ^I think it would just be to let them know about the meetup. Nothing too complicated but idk. People like my idea