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  1. Night of the Templar
  2. Not going to name just one song, but I'm listening to The Walking Dead soundtrack.
  3. Hamlet
  4. Arachnophobia
  5. Fright Night (the new version) The Avengers The Decoy Bride Labryinth
  6. The Bourne Legacy
  7. Snow White and the Huntsman The Mist
  8. Who We Are - Luigi Lusini
  9. The Avengers x3 War Horse Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol The Bourne Identity The Princess Diaries To make up for not being on here for awhile. xD
  10. Little Nicky She's The Man
  11. American Gangster
  12. The Saints Are Coming - The Dirges
  13. Zack and Reba Hero Wanted
  14. Blow Dry
  15. Demon Hunter