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    Music is my deepest passion and there is nothing like MCRmy. This community is the first group in which I have felt comfortable, happy, and utterly free to be myself. What a beautiful thing it is to be a soldier in this rmy!

    Favorites: MCR, Killers, Bright Eyes, Fitz & The Tantrums, Decemberists, Henry Rollins, Jeff Buckley, Brandon Flowers, SK6ers, Neon Trees, ZZ Ward.
  1. Hey guys! I would be interested in secret santa gift or card exchange. Hope everyone is having a fun Danger Days anniversary!! I almost forgot it was the anniversary today and I can hardly believe that happened. Today is my actual anniversary which makes it even more sweet to remember the joys of Danger Days and our fun on the boards together 5 years ago. Wishing you all well and sending you love, Sulfur
  2. It's so wonderful to see all of you on here and wish I had been here last week when you had posted. Sonia, Rachel, and Gabby, how I have missed each of you!! Things have been pretty crazy for me lately. I will be starting a new job later this month and I had to put my cat down a month ago because he had cancer. It was very sad, but I definitely made the right decision. Hope you are enjoying your lives off the webways. Send me a line sometime, because I would love to hear from all of you. Missing all my sister wives and hope to hear from you soon!
  3. Congrats Sonia!!! Hope you enjoy your summer! Great job on your first year of teaching!! Say hi to Mick Mac for me and give him an extra treat Just enjoy the years you have. No days or years are guaranteed. It's all about the quality of the years we have not the number of years. And anyways I'm going to be 28 this summer and I can tell you that getting older is actually better as we grow stronger and more self aware.
  4. I'll be turning 33 in 5 years
  5. Hello hello my darlings! How are you all doing?
  6. It sounds like everyone has good ideas. Anything new been happening recently with the plans recently?
  7. Hey guys! How is everyone doing?
  8. The movie sounds quite interesting. Are you releasing it for the public to see? Or is this just for class? Buddhism has been something which interested me in the past couple years, but which I had not pursued further. I am so glad that I am entering a good place in my life and beginning to find balance even though I have faced some difficult situations recently. It's mainly been related to work and I am doing the best I can to take care of myself. It sounds like you have been doing alot of good things for yourself recently. What are your plans for over the summer? How has Sam been doing? That is a huge bonus to being a teacher. When I switched jobs a year ago, I lost a significant amount of vacation time compared to what I had at my world job. My new job had less vacation time, half as many paid holidays, much more nights and weekends I have to work, and I had to wait a year to take a vacation. I just hit the year mark about a week ago. So I am relieved about that, but it certainly made the past year very difficult considering I now have alot less vacation time and work in a very stressful job. Anyways, what are your summer plans? Fill me in! I have tickets for two festivals and am eying one more festival about 200 miles a way if I can make it. One of the festivals I am going to has my dearest Killers headlining in addition to Florence and The Machine, Tears For Fears, Of Monsters and Men, The Neighborhood, X Ambassadors, and a ton of others. I have not seen The Killers for 3 years and am so thrilled. I am going with one of dear Killers friends and we are going to camp out all day at the festival to get barricade for The Killers and it's going to be so worth it. The other festival has Haim, M83, Matt and Kim, The Head and The Heart, and a number of other bands. I am also going to see Fitz and The Tantrums 2-3 times this summer depending on if I can swing all the dates and will see The Decemberists 2 times this summer. I had tickets to see Walk The Moon, but they landed up canceling their summer tour, so I won't get to see them this year most likely. It sounds like alot, but I have not had this good of a music summer in a long time. I haven't seen Fitz in a year and a half and am so happy they are touring with a new album again. Any summer fun coming up for you music or otherwise?
  9. That's really exciting! What is your film about? What is the title? I really hope it goes well. Life has been busy with work, but overall life is going really well. I am just trying to roll with all the changes. I have nurtured an interest in mindfulness and Buddhism in the past couple months and have been going to the local Buddhist temple near me, which I have been loving. Next weekend, I go on my first day long retreat at the temple and I'm looking forward to it What about you? Fill me in!
  10. How have you been doing Ash?
  12. HEY!! So nice to see you around here too. It's been far too long. I wish I had a summer holiday to look forward to. It's one of the things I miss the most about college and grad school. Atleast I have some good concerts planned this summer, so I am holding on to that for now. I have been great overall. Work has been a little difficult lately, but work isn't forever and I am just trying to take it in stride.
  13. Hey ho What's up sister wives?
  14. Hey guys! How is everyone doing?
  15. Hey guys! Is anyone else around right now?