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  1. Sigh... I'm an old lady now... And I didn't even get my power scooter.
  2. Dude. That was so good it just inspired me. <3 If I may inquire, do you guys have a Spotify? I want to add you to my writing playlist.
  3. I am into almost everything. If you were to put my music on shuffle and listen to my library, you'd become neurotic. XD But the bands I've lately been listening to a lot are Icon For Hire, Fall Out Boy, BabyMetal, Three Days Grace, Valora, Halestorm, The Used, and Skillet.
  4. Yay, Killjoy talk! Anyway, on to mine... Electric Rose at your service, mates! *bows* The "Electric" comes from my real name, Amber (it apparently produces a charge if you rub it with silk, and the Greeks used to call it "elecktron." Pretty cool, huh?), and "Rose" is from a pseudonym I use, AnbuRose. She's probably kind of the token evil killjoy out of all of us, as she kind of has a sadistic streak. XD However, she's intelligent, logical, calm, kind, and if you need a hand, she'll gladly offer hers. (If you need a hand chopped off, she's twice as willing to oblige. )
  5. Recently: The Corpse Bride Miracle on 34th Street
  6. Mummified my teenage dreams No, it's nothing wrong with me The kids are all wrong, the story's all off Heavy metal broke my (boom boom) heart! (Damn you Fall Out Boy for being such a good band. XD)
  7. Right now, these: The 6th Ward (actually an Attack on Titan fanfiction, but a really good Attack on Titan fanfiction that, like, everybody should read. Everybody.) This book by Dick Gregory (linked because some might find the title offensive) The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas
  8. A.I.: Artificial Intelligence. It probably would have made me cry when I was 11.
  9. Attempting to watch SLC Punk! and Frozen. Attempting.
  10. My power flurries through the air into the ground My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast I'm never going back, the past is in the past! (This has been stuck in my head for DAYS and on repeat almost as long. XD)
  11. Frozen. Pretty good, actually.
  12. Blue Is The Warmest Color And I am attempting to watch The Boondock Saints... who knows if I'll get to finish.
  13. I'll miss my breath, there's no more left Don't miss the sound of the wind at my back The depths have a number, they call you by name Fall asleep Davy Jones calls you, so fall asleep Fall asleep and dream Don't Fall Asleep At The Helm - Sleeping With Sirens
  14. Actually loking at Pressure Point right now.
  15. These Days - Foo Fighters