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  1. Birdy - Skinny Love
  2. All Time Low - Shameless
  3. I love that the signatures/avatars has to be small.
  4. I really wish there wasn't so many different forums on this board, it makes keeping track on different thread a real pain in the ass. I've given up on trying to navigate through them all and now I only use the "View New Content" page
  5. Whip It. So damn good!
  6. Skinny Love - Birdy
  7. If you're reading this, I'm gone Happy birthday PS - Don't write Cause you will not get a reply
  8. I wanna see what your insides look like (I wanna see what your insides look like) I bet you're not fucking pretty on the inside (Not so pretty) I wanna see what your insides look like (Not so pretty baby) I wanna see 'em (Not so)
  9. So boycott love Detox just to re-tox And I’d promise you anything for another shot at life Imperfect boys with their perfect lives Nobody wants to hear you sing about tragedy
  10. Pencey Prep - The Secret Goldfish Acoustic
  11. I know I <3 so bad! Aww SP, I miss them.
  12. The Used - Pretty handsome awkward