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  1. I got Ray's CD, which I was planning to get anyway and then he did a promo so I actually went and got it and some art I've had my eye on for ages. I took hashtag treat yourself very literally! Guys I have my driving test tomorrow wish me luckkkkkk
  2. God I always say I'm above Black Friday/Cyber Monday and then I go and do a massive promotion in my own shop and then buy everything I can get my hands on without making my bank account explode Someone stop me I might be going from 'treat yourself' to 'fucking stupid' and I'm too tired to tell
  3. Danger Days feels very Halloweeny... I blame the jackets.
  4. Damn it won't let me PM you for some reason. Message me and I'll send you the card exchange details?
  5. I'll PM you, Sulfur. I can't believe it was six years ago... a bunch of us walked to town from school to get it (and I got a terrible phone case at the same time haha), I used being ill as an excuse/reason to play it full-length a couple of times. I was a full on grumpy teen hahaaaa
  6. Guys Danger Days came out six whole years ago HOW DID I GET SO OLD
  7. Yep! PM me your address and whether you can send internationally and I'll pass it on to everyone. Oh god guys the boards look so... modern. I forget that MCR were a thing before Instagram, and now everywhere looks like Instagram.
  8. Oh wait they're back. the fuck did you do, WB.
  9. What happened to the site?! And why has a page of posts disappeared?!
  10. Woo! Okay since I suggested it I should probably organise it? If you guys are up for that, PM me your name and mailing info and I'll make sure it's sent out to everyone else who does the same. If you can or can't send internationally, put that too. Am I forgetting something Should we have a deadline?
  11. Having thought about it as a Serious Adult, I can afford to send cards to everyone but not gifts to anyone (do not get me started on the weight/size discrepancies on postal costs). Also I over-ordered some comic Christmas cards and I don't think I have enough people to send them all to...
  12. Or if money's a problem for everyone maybe we could do a card exchange? Brinn mentioned cards on Twitter the other day and they're so much fun to send (and they're cheap to send but you can still include little things in the envelope if you want).
  13. I can do it (but be warned it's gonna be a tiny gift I probably made myself because I am broke as the US political system). But yeah I'm in!
  14. This site's one of my favourite things about the MCRmy as well. I'm really into a lot of acts, but I won't ever join in with online stuff because I just don't have the energy to wade through the shit. I made the mistake of looking up the Troye Sivan tag on Instagram once, it was 90% people arguing whether or not he's still with his boyfriend who he has never officially said is his boyfriend. Kind of interesting from a social perspective (I think half the people arguing were girls? Like chill out ladies regardless of relationship status I don't think he's gonna be into you) but god so exhausting. I feel like a seasoned old rocker saying this haha. I also remember how much shit we'd get from people with 'better' music taste who put down young women who liked, well, anything and that still annoys me. I've become a kind of champion for kids into One Direction and Bieber... 'some old guy said you're insipid and vacuous for liking this act? Well teenage girls were the Beates' first fans so FUCK 'EM ALL'. But there's a line between wonderful fangirls (fans who are girls) and creepy fangirls (fans who maybe are girls but mostly are immature children with zero respect and give wonderful fangirls a bad name). That wasn't supposed to be a rant oops.
  15. I've looked them up a little bit, I'm not ready to commit to another band though, I'm still *healing*.