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  1. It's September. Time to get back to Hogwarts
  2. this movie is terrible.
  3. Harley could have done without the, look at dat ass shots," every time she was on screen I don't know, maybe have Harley in her fucking Harlequin costume? The enchantress was just terrible. I get why she hated Waller, but still.
  4. Deathstroke should have been in it =/ Or Nightwing even though I like Deathstroke more.
  5. my favorite American accent.
  7. I was like, wow you shouldn't be telling us about your villainy, but then it made more sense. um Tabloid is about kidnapping an ex boyfriend, tying him to a bed and trying to make him forget he's Mormon. true story about a psycho there'ssome good ones on Aileen. that serial killer they made that film monster about
  8. i almost miss school and want to start classes for something for the structure and purpose.
  9. i joined this
  10. No. RoboCop they're in the bathroom. it's the 80s. Guy runs his fingers through this other guy's hair, pulls him closer to his face and then threatens to destroy him so i'm like is this sexy ( on accident?) or should I be like hot damn man, he want you dead, run!
  11. This movie is confusing me. I don't know if this scene is meant to be awkwardly intensely sexy or if the actors just have confusing chemistry and it's really a threatening scene. I'm only usually this confused when I read Marvel comics.
  12. 12 hours on sundays
  13. He has issues with candy though. just saying. Reading Cable comics. I mean. in terms of marriages, my Marvel hero husband is Spider-Man/Peter Parker but I think I'm having thi sexy affair with Cable because hot damn. Cable. he's like John Connor. If raised by Sarah and the Terminator and then left under the guardianship of the First and third Doctor Who's before being kidnapped by 9th. That's Cable. when he dies, he just gets displaced in time. That's awesome. when he dies, he just gets sucked into the time vortex and then spat out at random.
  14. ~As someone who reads the comics elitist comic nerd commentary you didn't ask for incoming~ There were nerdgasm moments. The dance where they looked like the art cover of Mad Love--sexy hinting at Harley's OG outfit--fuck yes. Sticking to new 52 bullshit though? fuck you, DC. Fuck you. Harley not being Deadpool? THANK YOU GODS OF COMICS. They keep doing that. Harley is a broken character. The point of her. she's tragic. she's not funny. she's supposed to make you sad. The heroes of DC don't even really hate her, they hate the Joker because of what he did to her. He knew she was weak and lacked the mental fortitude needed to be a psychiatrist of Arkham and she was fresh out of school, so he gave her the textbook scenario of being "saved" and telling her what she wanted to hear and etc, all manipulating her into doing his bidding and being his sex pet. The relationship ends up changing a little, but don't be too romantic people. They are sick, it's abusive and he's nearly killed her on a whim and laughed while doing more than once. He thew her out a building, she broke every bone in her body, abandoned her to die and then sent a rose, saying hi. That's your OTP DC couple people. You would haaaaaaaaaate this guy if you knew him in the real world. (psst, didn't happen in the movie, so ignore that rant if you want) i digress on them. the movie wasn't good. it wasn't terrible either. It was one of the better DC movies, which isn't saying much. It had fun moments. It's not Guardians of the Galaxy or Deadpool levels of awesome, holy shit, I can't breathe, you just did that. no where near that, so don't see it, if you want that. see the aforementioned films. The Joker was not needed. That should be a separate film. And follow Paul Dini's Mad Love Amanda Waller. yes. the villain was weak There was no Slade Wilson. No Nightwing. five out of ten maybe. I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it. but fuck you Scott Eastwood for being hot and NOT Deathstroke I wanted Slade Wilson! He's blonde! Scott's blonde! Both are military characters! damn you DC for not having Deathstroke! we need our Deathstroke v Deadpool fanboy wars!
  15. Ed Sheeran is the worst.