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    Need I say My Chemical Romance?
    Whatever...I said it anyways
    Other stuff I like to do: Photography, Play guitar, draw, play piano, play flute, hang out with my llamas, drink coffee all day, eat and watch tv, make movies, watch movies, graphic design, play video games, find old cool vintage things, listen to music/rock out, ...etc.
  1. "I'm not interesting, she's not turning green, shameful as it seems, can we show our faces now. Endless climb, I am blind, why can't I hear, color blind. Speaking a phrase, instantly grown, I am blind, waiting in line." Nirvana-Big Long Now
  2. Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, The Melvins, Seether, and old songs that I used to listen to in middle school (Panic at the disco, Fall out boy, taking back sunday, the used, aiden, gym class heroes, reggie and the full effect, etc. ) and basically all the music videos I used to watch on Fuse tv back during the Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge Days...that's when they would have a lot of shows that just showed music videos all day...and it was all like alternative rock...I loved it. Plus there was Stevens's untitled Rock Show, The Dive, Oven Fresh, Daily Download, etc. I miss that kind of music.