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  1. that a small airprot ... find a flight will take for ever $$$.. those are for smaller plane yeah there are .. other air port closer .. but no internation flight will fly there.. you need a bigger air port. im just thinking of some trying to get a flight ..
  2. to the camp site .. ther two way to drive from .. the air port to the site .. but also depends on what camp site we get up ther there is a lot in that area.. if you pick Lax you have to drive south .. then just add on time. Lax is bigger but you have to drive and i think it a 2 somthing hour from la to san diego could be less .. depending on what time you leave ..
  3. lindbergh field is closer internation airport the drive it said and hour and 45 but with all the tracfic it take a while ...
  4. san diego near ther that lindbergh field that the biggest .. but it still a drive tho ... um there an air port there but it like a small one look like 7 hotles and Resort in that area there 3 in julian pretty town good pie .. but it all depends on where you driving from .. drving to julian is a drive going to take you hour and 45 mins to drive to the camp area from that air port 66 miles .. But lindbergh field is international So yeah
  5. its kinda hard to volunteer for something that in 7 years .. No one knows what kinda schedule they going to have then a lot can happen in 7 years good things and bad things. i can drive too but this is something we should talk about closer to the meet up
  6. facebook updated ever thurday
  7. octorber is desert season .. that what we left off at for planing .. for halloween weekend
  8. Death Valley valley not that bad we doing this in octorber .. i been camping at Anza-Brrego also some where near coachella valley... Ocotillo Wells but that more ATv and motto homes .. sun dunes LOL
  9. the list you made a day ago job description i add on the facebook site ..sorry my tablet . connect to my computer ,, which is mess everything up .. i quote you because .. i dont like post other idea with out credit them .. you took the time to type it up LOL
  10. i place the job on the facebook already it put it as a quote LOL so you still have creidt http://www.facebook.com/pages/MCRmy-California-Meetup-2019/289372797746591
  11. updated.. um i going to list the nomination next week.. so we can see what job we have people and what job are vacant, and keep everyone updated .. but it done LOL
  12. yeah i need to update .. it . i was busy .. taking my mom to the doctor making sure she did sufficated her self .. can take up lot of time she fine now .. medication made her loopy updating now
  13. Committee Head sounds fun LOL but sounds good .. hopefully people will get some nomination going .. LOL can i post this on the facebook ??
  14. i thought it was base on nomination ?? edit Lady Spork feel better (bad at name sorry) right now i comeone here everyweek to do trassmission thursday ... for the facebook page
  15. i dont have objection to a leader .. just saying not everyone can lead and for the meet up we need more then just one person we need a team ... you dont want have one person running around .. everywhere