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  1. Currently reading the Death Note manga! I've got to admit, I did like the anime a tiny bit better, but I still love the manga ^-^
  2. The Lion King <3
  3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  5. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  6. It's Draco and Harry sitting in a tree S. N. O. G. G. I. N. G. It's Draco and Harry sitting in a tree F. A. L. L. I. N. G. in love (the Whomping Willows - Draco and Harry )
  7. You messed up in potions yesterday But everyone still thinks you're really great 'Cept Snape 'Cept Snape 'Cept Snape And me Cause we see you for what you really are A stupid little dork with a stupid dorky scar And it's okay It's really great Cause I hate you And so does Snape (Draco and the Malfoys - Potions Yesterday )
  8. Insidious D:
  9. "Yesterday was full of tears Knowing death has just been here All was lost but not forgot The pain controls my every thought A new day's battle has begun All was lost and nothing's won I can't wait to see the day When the tears all go away I miss you I kissed you When we laid you in your grave I need you to believe you Things were meant to be this way" <3
  10. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 :')
  11. Happy Birthday!!!
  12. "Will you pray for me? Make a saint of me? Will you lay for me? Make a saint of.. Cuz I'll give you all the nails you need Cover me in gasoline again..." Heaven Help Us - My Chemical Romance
  13. 12... am i really that young? goodness