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  1. Oh hey I wanna be a part of this too depending on how many people I need to send cards to, bc the mail service in DK has become seriously crap and seriously expensive -.- (and same as Sonia, catch me elsewhere if I'm not online here (which I rarely am, sorry about that D: ))
  2. Sonia you're right, it's definitely a good thing that we have real lives to attend to ^^ but it's also cool that we're still talking to each other every once in a while I'm still dealing with my least-favorite profesora and my least-favorite subject -.- I look forward to the fall break in three weeks xD where are you going Nev? Hope you find a house soon though! living in a basement is no fun :/
  3. accomplished? haha thanks I guess today was awful though, I barely slept so I decided to sleep in and be late, but that was a big mistake apparently, because I had sent an email to the professor in which I asked about the exam because I'm super confused about the entire course and she said that we would talk about it after class today, but APPARENTLY she decided that it was a better idea to talk about it before I was even there... So she told me after class that I needed to ask the others. And that my spanish was bad and I needed to practice more. I AM TRYING THE HARDEST I CAN, THANK YOU VERY MUCH :c excuse me if I haven't spent a year in Peru or something like that :/ CPR training is kinda scary:o I didn't like it much when I had to take it xD Wow, sounds cool buying a house, I want a house good luck with your online shop :3
  4. I don't know about everyone, but for me school has started again, and I am officially a master student how are you?
  5. Hellooo ^^ hope you're all doing well :3
  6. I think Ash would be up for it too, he loves Ireland
  7. why don't we all meet in ireland then!
  8. yeah it's been like two years or something
  9. Ohh bummer. But fair enough :3 I'll have the same problem when I go to norway for my nephew's confirmation and for my sister's wedding. Both will just be with like just one night or something xD Hope to see you in june then I want to show you my apartment and all would be so cool <3
  10. Ohhh you NEED to come by and say hi even if it's just for a short time! what weekend is it? The restaurant night went well! I didn't like all of it, but most of the courses were good :3 and my boyfriend was so happy that I was there, because his parents couldn't come, and he really wanted to show what he could do :3
  11. today I am going to eat at the restaurant where my boyfriend is taking his education to become a chef. All the aprentices have come up with a menu together, so they're the only ones who are cooking at the restaurant tonight, and not the "real" chef
  12. yeah I am, hurt my knee but I just took a day's rest and today it's a lot better :3
  13. The road was slippery this morning and I fell on my bike
  14. this year for halloween (or last year, actually.. we're in 2016 now xD) my boyfriend and I went to a party dressed up as zombies ^^
  15. I AM happy for sure we have our own mailbox and all hahah I am still very excited about the whole thing xD