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  1. So I'm planning on mailing my Christmas cards next week, but I just want to make sure I have everybody. Francesca, Sonia, and Brinn? Anyone else?
  2. Haha I they call them that because they come in when you're older, and supposedly wiser?? I got all of mine out a few years ago before they started to hurt.
  3. Regarding my post in the hug thread, I went and bought some kind of silly things to help me feel better. Like honey it's lavender (lavender makes me feel so much better) and a projector that displays stars on your ceiling. I think you're right that tiny steps will hopefully make big changes. And regarding honey, you all should look into supporting beekeepers because colony collapse is kind of terrifying me...
  4. i was thinking about doing some stuff for cyber monday but decided not to. mostly because the stores i wanted to buy from, i told my parents i wanted gift certificates from for christmas i need new clothes so bad.
  5. For some reason I though DD was released closer to Halloween! I remember making my Killjoy costume around that time. We are also getting close to my first anniversary of seeing MCR live. It was a really amazing show in NYC!
  6. Hopefully most people can send internationally if it's just a few of us! I don't know how long international mail takes, but maybe we can try to have them sent by Dec. 15? Ten days before Christmas. Or at least by January 1st, since *technically* the season isn't over until early January.
  7. I can do a card exchange!
  8. The thing about America is that a lot of the "noise" on the internet and tv comes from the coasts, which are much more liberal than the rest of the country. The middle of the country is very much conservative- especially the rural parts, and those people might not be as active on the internet and such. So there are a lot of conservatives who voted because they are traditionally republican and see trump as better than Hillary simply because he is not liberal. And he did a good job of speak to that population that is typically ignored, even if it makes up a large part of the country. There's also the fact that with almost every election in recent history, Americans are still dissatisfied and want change. See the switch from bill Clinton (dem) to GWB (rep) and back to Dem with Obama. Many people did not want to vote for Hillary because they saw her doing the same stuff as Obama and not enacting any real change, and so voted for Trump even if he was unsavory.
  9. So now I'm reading that Clinton won the popular vote... ugh. This is how we got Bush over Gore back in the day and look how that turned out. So many things are wrong with our system, from the electoral college to corrupt superdelegates in the DNC. These systems are in place that don't listen to what Americans actually want. My one hope is that now that congress and the president are of the same party, maybe things will actually get done. Unlike with Obama and how Congress prevented everything he tried to do because of partisanship. But, of course, the fact that they are all republicans means that they can pass terrible things... -rant over- That's awesome about your school, Sonia. Hard to believe Christmas is almost here!
  10. I know some people voted third party, because if they get a certain percentage of the vote in this election, they will get more of a voice in the next election. However, I didn't think it was ethical in an election where the stakes were so high. Plus, while I liked Johnson, the actual people who identify as Libertarian were not appealing (very pro-gun, anti-LBGTQ, somewhat alt-right.)
  11. If it is any consolation, there was literally only 1% difference in the popular vote. Unfortunately, the electoral college system is fucked up and can cause shit like this. The other bright spot is that millenials were overwhelmingly not for trump... hopefully the next generation of politicians will be more progressive.
  12. I'm looking up different visa requirements...
  13. I fell asleep and had a dream Clinton managed a victory. Woke up and the nightmare was indeed real. I feel like vomiting knowing I live in a place so hateful and toxic.
  14. Yesss hopefully the Canadian immigration site will be back up tomorrow!
  15. Like... any friends not in the US... can I come crash with you????