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  1. The Black Parade/Living With Ghosts is available now. View the full article
  2. we're limited on the smiley front since the board is preloaded with the ones you see. i think its only the "essential" faces because they didn't want it getting out of control with moving animals and stuff like that.
  3. That's correct- you cannot profit off of anything that uses My Chemical Romance or MCRmy. However, if you make a fan project or an MCRmy shirt for yourself or your MCRmy group/ team you can use it. But under no circumstances can you profit off of it.
  4. The avatar limit is actually due to the template of the board. I'd hesitate to make it larger. As for sigs, it makes the board a lot easier to read if there aren't photo after photo stacked on top of each other. Point System- this board doesn't have a point system. The reason we moved to this tumblr/ message board system was because TSN had A LOT of issues. Tumblr has more freedom in that its not a closed system. MCRmy that wants to just drop by and complete missions could. Its VERY easy to update. Also, its really expensive to run on a street team system like TSN.
  5. I'll address this. i agree it would be extremely helpful if people are more specific when naming their topics
  6. thanks for the feedback everyone! Nice to see that most things are working. i'll address the confusing forum issue. i think it will be helpful to make some more clear cut sections as well. keep the feedback coming! Its nice to get some of the kinks out of the way.
  7. Killjoys! Now that the board has been up for awhile, i wanted to get some of your comments on how to improve this place? For example, are their forum sections that need to be modified, are their rules i need to clarify or add? what would make this place friendlier/ more welcoming for you? Are we, the mod team addressing your needs/ concerns? Do you think we need more mods? Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thank you so much!