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  1. Gavin Degraw - Not Over You 99% true. I haven't sat down at a table set for 2 yet. I'll wait at least until my... x... girlfriend ;(... is 23 (16 right now). If she doesn't get divorced by then and has a strong relationship with her fiance, only then will I move on. or just quit girls completely. either one. Divorce rates are 50% and happen around 23.
  2. the date should be released, like the same day the album was released (november 22nd if i remember right). We need a date more specific than just the year.
  3. "I will be with you" *Guitar bit ending the song* "BAAD news from the zones tumbleweeds..."
  4. make a map section that helps you find the killjoys closest to you
  5. oh god, the last song i listened to was that rainbow poptart cat in space, the youtube video of it.... who makes that stuff?
  6. The quote says not to PROFIT off of it, meaning the cost must be < or = the price to manufacture the product. Unless the actual rules say it differently.
  7. xmen first class
  8. fire away fire away something something.... my brothers playing a racing game
  9. why is there no music player?
  10. at at at at at night the lonely stoner dosdfjsodthldskhgdslow my little sisters playing a racing game.
  11. yeah, i just figured that out like a minute before reading that.
  12. I think everyone really hates the size limits on pictures, it should atuomatically resize the picture, or reduce the quality until it meets requirements. Also i would like to upload pictures from my computer when replying, rather than having to find one on the internet. (like, be able to upload a picture from my desktop in this post)
  13. i think we need more mods to patrol for fan fiction pics in the funny pic type forums. *ooh ooh! Pick Me!*
  14. I liked it in the future when he had tye dyed hair
  15. Yay, our age group ranks a lot better than bieber's fans (8-12 average, and their moms)