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    I love music old and new, I always have my nose stuck in a book and enjoy films.
  1. Knew this day would come, you guys are goes on.. Keep running never let them take you alive... I'm not going to log on anymore. This is it. I love the mcrmy and what we stand for but for me t is nowover. xO cookie/cookieh/annabells.
  2. Oh, i want to watch it again...*searchers on demand...yey it's on*
  3. That's how I would like to handle myself in a vampire-zombie apocolypse.
  4. 'lo all! It's been all 'jack the ripper' weather here today.. Creepy, creepy fog.
  5. Yeah I'm okay, I've been listening to conventional weapons alot, what do you think of it, my favorite song changes each day... Today it's GUN!
  6. AMES! It's been a while, things good?
  7. Weird dreams..I get them alot... HELL-o all
  8. ^^ that made me smile thanks Rachel.
  9. He is really old, so old age I guess.. He's got no energy and he's bleeding from his behind I've put him in a box with a cloth over him next to the radiator to keep him warm, but I inherited him from my auntie who died two years ago and he's like the last connection to her in weird way..
  10. MY bird is dying...I'm sad
  11. Single is the new sexy.
  12. I was here but my battery is dying- I guess that's from watching too much mcr you tube clips.. The reading gig still blows me away.. Anyway hi, bye, I guess.
  13. The snow is gone! Yee-HAA! Never thought I would welcome rain. I know snow is fun but not if you drive. S'all.