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  1. A Devil For Me - Black Veil Brides
  2. gravity, don't mean too much to me
  3. And without you is how I dissapear
  4. Fallen Angels - BVB
  5. The Morticians Daughter - Black Veil Brides
  6. I sit here and smile dear I smile because I think of you and blush These bleeding hollow dials...this fuss A fuss is made of miles and travels when roadways are but stones and gravel A bleeding heart and conquer every crutch
  7. Last Resort - Papa Roach Just a coincidence, but one page back I was listening to the same song.
  8. She said come on, come on, kiss my battery, come on, come on, I'll be your android girl F.T.W.W.W. - MCR
  9. Trying To Escape The Inevitable - Pencey Prep
  10. This is War - 30STM
  11. Skylines and Turnstiles - MCR