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    Baking, making food and eating them? Oh, I like dancing too :) heavy metal, maybe a lil' lighter i guess? BIGBANG?? yes, absolute love :P and obviously MCR and BVB and HBS <3
  1. The Avengers!! Gah, that show is so darn nice, I'm gonna watch it again >__< and again and again and again XD
  2. Monster - Bigbang X3
  3. well it's not really a concert but kinda a mini concert in my school Jay Park is coming!! and then after that we have pixielott the next week even though i don't really know them, but oh well <3 K-pop
  4. Uber sorry, I've been gone for about 14 days on holiday, and I have no idea what's happening now, can someone explain everything or anything that was mentioned in the past 14 days? Please There's too many pages to flip back it's okay if nobody wants to
  5. I feel like an idiot, I don't know any of the food mentioned above :/ I don't think my stomach can handle unknown food :/
  6. i love the Arts and Craft for Gerardday, maybe i can help with that, cuz i love arts and craft and i don't think i'm good at anything else
  7. ours is so messed up i can't be sure when, there's mid-term holidays on march something to something, mid-year holidays on may and june, mid-term holidays on august, and year end holidays.
  8. When is summer holidays? not all places have summer holidays, but i don't know where i'll be by then, but yeah, not all places have summer holidays. (Depends on the date
  9. I agree with KilljoyCyanideExploder, i'll be in college by then so it'll probably be pretty busy, maybe the date could be during holidays?
  10. not really, it's never to early to get ready i guess. maybe like a year be4 2019, we can be more clear of what to prepare since you all had this discussion.
  11. is the whole thing going to be in the city, like , at night we'll be back in the city in hotel and stuff then when morning comes we go to wherever the desert is or something bringing tons of anything that's needed, then when night falls we go back to the city. is it like that? i'm a total idiot when it come to geografi so i have no idea how to look at maps
  12. maybe we should make a big gigantic mcrmy flashmob ( i think it's called that right?) on the last day , then film it, it would be epic
  13. Do you guys think there will be Muslims there, cuz they can't drink cuz of religious reasons, I guess if there was , then they could join us In the non-drinking activities while adults go for drinking time can the non-drinking group go do something while the drinking people do their drinking time? ( hope I didn't offend anyone in this post )
  14. Maybe we shouldn't do those adulty things , like cigarrette or drinking, cuz it's kinda bad, and maybe there will be underage people there and if the older people smoke maybe the youngers will influenced or something. But coffee sounds awesome!
  15. I'm ALIVE! I'm ALIVE! Oh, yeah Between the good and bad's where you'll find me Reaching for heaven I will fight And I'll sleep when I die I live, My life, I'm ALIVE! I'm Alive- BECCA