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  1. Ooh a lindt one sounds amazing! I did try - I only live in a small town and on Dec 1st I literally went to every single food outlet I could think of, and they'd all ran out At least the cats are happy 😂
  2. I got my cats an advent calendar each but forgot to get myself one
  3. Congrats Francesca! It's great being able to just get away from other people whenever you want!
  4. Wow! I still have my bus ticket from that day.
  5. At least it's still here (for now )
  6. I don't like the fact it says "rebuilding". Rebuilding what?! Might check the progress when Sam stops hogging the computer!
  7. Okay, it took me about 10 minutes to figure out where I logged into the admin panel but this is what it's showing: Dammit I can't screenshot but this is copied and pasted. Rebuilding status updates 5.64% Rebuilding status_reply_pl_lc 25.69% Rebuilding posts 4.69% Rebuilding posts 1.88% Rebuilding messages 6.38% Rebuilding status titles 0% Rebuilding topic titles 0% Rebuilding status images 0% Rebuilding reply images 0% Rebuilding Admin CP Settings images 0% Rebuilding Announcements images 0% Rebuilding Profile Fields images 0% Rebuilding Signatures images 0% Rebuilding topic images 0% Rebuilding post images 0% Rebuilding post images 0% Rebuilding Forums and Topics images 0% Rebuilding topic starter IDs 0% Updating incorrectly hidden topics 0% Rebuilding new topic flag in posts 0% Recalculating members' content count 0% Rebuilding status counts 0% Rebuilding post reputation 0% Rebuilding post reputation 0% Rebuilding topic counts 0% Recounting poll votes 0% Rebuilding Member Names 0% Rebuilding forums counts 0% Reindexing topics 0%
  8. I wonder if it's an update by the company who hosts the site. One plus is that it's easier for me to approve my own posts (still can't believe I have to do that ) so I may be able to post more frequently.
  9. I was just about to say what's up! I'm on my phone and it looks completely different. May have to boot up the ol' computer to take a proper look!
  10. I would love to suggest it to them but wouldn't know how to contact them. I would tweet Mark but don't really want to publicly suggest the idea. I can't explain why! I just don't want others to see it and go "ooh that's a good idea" and set up their own forum with no rules and it'll turn out like mychemicalromance.com. I'm only interested in an official one and it was my idea, GIT YOUR OWN IDEA. I don't wanna be one of those people who's like "follow me so I can message you" though I really wish I could take part but I can't even afford to send cards yet alone presents Hopefully next year
  11. Yeah I definitely agree. The whole "Josh is my daddy" thing is just creepy. I'd love for them to have a forum like this with our old strict rules (NO talking about privates lives, NO fangirling etc). I'd love to see how many survived and then have a place for the sane people. This site has been a part of me for at least 8 years, I can't even remember how long, and I'd love for other kids to get that experience.
  12. I know how you feel. It took me about two years of listening to them before I could even bring myself to learn their names. Now I feel the same about the band as I did MCR, but the MCRmy is a way better fanbase
  13. I went to see twenty one pilots last night in London. Now I'm regretting not buying a ticket to tomorrow's show too
  14. I just can't get over the fact that more people than not in America are so filled with hatred. I've seen so many people arguing that they're not racist just because they voted for trump... But you're okay with a racist person being in charge of your country and making decisions that will affect minorities for years? Standing by and overlooking racism is basically racism, so they're just as bad. Nevermind the homophobia, islamaphobia, bigotry etc etc. I feel so sad today and I don't even live there.
  15. Are we doing secret santa this year?