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  1. I was very lucky to get tickets for Fall out Boy! So I'm going to see them on the 1st of March in Berlin! Tickets for that show sold out within seconds, as the venue only holds about 400 People. I'm so excited!!! Last time I saw them was in Cologne, 2009.
  2. Hey Mods, please take the Revenge Hoodie off my 'selling' List, it's sold. My 'looking for' list is still up to date. I wish I could find a japanese Mikey Shirt so bad!
  3. Yeah! I just got to see them yesterday. Best show I've ever been to, my whole body hurt so bad because I was laughing so much. The really put up a great show. I posted a few pics I took over here:
  4. It's this one: But that's just a picture from Google, I'll upload one later when I'm back home. Yay! Thank you so much! That's very helpful for my collection.
  5. Upcoming Concerts: 07/10/2012 - Billy Talent (Support: Anti Flag) 15/10/2012 - Tenacious D 26/10/2012 - Donots 15/11/2012 - The Used 16/11/2012 - Less than Jake
  6. You can take the Kobra Kid&Fun Ghoul... shirt down, I found that I can actually buy it from a store in the UK. But could you please add that I'm also searching for the Mikey F*ckin Way shirt in Japanese and a patch that simply says MCR. Here's a picture of it: And I'm selling a brand new unworn Revenge Hoodie! It's only been lying in my closet eversince I bought it. It's a size large / unisex. Please make an offer in case you're interested, I'm going to upload some pics of it later.
  7. I'm going to see the Used on 16.11. in Frankfurt! Gladly Frankfurt is just about one hour away from me AND it's on a friday because there would be no way to get another day off work for me this year.
  8. You're always welcome to fangirl about concerts of any band and any kind in here I was seeing Me first and the Gimme Gimmes this week, I had a very good time, until somebody mentioned Tony Sly. I saw No use for a Name together with NOFX exactly one year before that date in the same venue and it made me so sad to think about that! Me first played some songs as a tribute for Tony, that made me happy though.
  9. I'm seeing Sum 41 tonight!
  10. I'm looking for the one with the bold red white and blue stripes that just says MCR in the middle. And yes, it's the Kobra Kid & Fun Ghoul & Jet Star & Party Poison I'm looking for!
  11. I'm looking for two shirts that were only available at the HC Tour: The striped tank top (bold red white and blue stripes that just says MCR in the middle) and the Kobra Kid & Fun Ghoul ... one. Both can be seen on this picture: Also always looking for older merch, especially the girls polo shirt from Revenge era, or the T.Oro shirt. But they seem pretty impossible to get.
  12. The Muppets! And before that dark shadows. I really liked dark shadows. Could have been a little more scary in my opinion though.
  13. Thanks! I hope I will! It's going to be insane, I think he plays like in the middle of the night. 2 am or something like that. FTWWW: I'm wondering how the crowd at Rock im Park will be, it's mostly a rock festival so you never know how people react They tried to add some Hip Hop Artists a few years ago but some of them have been bottled and stuff. I think Skrillex will be fine though.
  14. Meeee! *waves* I'm going to see him at Rock im Park in a few weeks. :-)
  15. It's been quite a while since my last post in here! In the last month I've been to a load of concerts: 16.04.2012 - The Used / Cologne 17.04.2012 - The Used / Munich 19.04.2012 - The Used / Hamburg 20.04.2012 - The Used / Eindhoven Netherlands 22.04.2012 - Lost Alone / Cologne 23.04.2012 - Lost Alone / Bochum 24.04.2012 - Lost Alone / Frankfurt 28. + 29.04.2012 - Groezrock Festival (Rancid, Alkaline Trio, Anti Flag, Good Riddance...) / Meerhout Belgium That was one hell of a tour! I've been so bruised after all those The Used shows that I mostly just sat somewhere in the corner for the Lost Alone Shows. I couldn't even stand on my feet anymore. However, at Groezrock my body was working fine again. Upcoming shows: 01. - 03.06.2012 - Rock im Park Festival 26.06.2012 - Blink 182 / Frankfurt 27.06.2012 - Deadmau5 / Berlin