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  1. So. Much. Reading. Anyway, i'm definitely planning on coming. I love all the ideas so far and i'm so psyched for this! Also, i love the meet and greet idea for those who would be underage/not drinking. I'm sure they would find something to do, like sight seeing or something, since a lot of people wouldn't be from Cali. Like Four said you wouldn't have an activity planned for every hour, they could spend their time doing whatever they wanted. Personally, I thing it would be fun to invade a mall or somewhere in full on Killjoy garb.
  2. The drug in me is you -Falling in reverse
  3. Raised by Wolves- Falling In Reverse
  4. Revive- The Devil Wears Prada
  5. No remedies have been discovered. The cure is a shotgun, the cure is whatever blunt instrument one can salvage. Whomever finds themselves too proper will be the first to perish. And you know nothing that matters now. We cannot restore, we cannot recover all is lost in the flood of the risen dead. Revive- The Devil Wears Prada
  6. Zombieland
  7. Devilver us from evil -Bullet for my valentine
  8. 17 I'll be 18 in October.