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  1. Possibly: June 27 - Anthony Green - Grog Shop, Cleveland July 11 - Warped Tour - Cleveland July 9 - Sleigh Bells - House of Blues, Cleveland July 31 - Warped Tour - Cincinnati
  2. Analysing Newspapers: An Approach from Critical Discourse Analysis by John E. Richardson (I have to read it for my independent study of MCR in the media next quarter. So excited!)
  3. Awesome! I remember that it was an optional summer reading for one of my high school English classes, but I never got around to it. I think we could choose between it and Brave New World. I chose the latter.
  4. As I can't find my book light to read a paper book I will have to resort to those free ones on my eReader that I have yet to finish: A Tale of Two Cities Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea The Art of War The Scarlet Letter (which I have already read, but it has been years since.) Any suggestions as to which one I should take on next would be appreciated. :]
  5. I'm catching up on a lot of classics I missed over winter break because I discovered the eReader on my phone has many of them for free. Yes! This month, I read: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Dracula Jane Eyre and White Fang
  7. "If wellness is this, what in Hell's name is sickness?"
  8. You're silly. xD
  9. *snort* CLEARLY, Blonde.
  10. Gee, I wonder what myy favorite is... *cough*selfportraitbelow*cough*
  11. I talked to Tina about the more SI/SH resources things. She said she didn't mind if we posted more as long as they are legitimate resources. I'll contact Val tonight to see if she still has the list. :]
  12. I (and I'm sure any of the mods who read this) will have a look over those tomorrow. Thanks for the heads-up. The forum description looks like a job for SUPER TINA! Er-... I'm sleepy. xD!
  13. I've fixed a few that are too vague, but -- as far as spelling goes -- we usually only correct it if the user who posts it wants it fixed.
  14. Merging this with the existing thread: http://talk.mcrmy.com/index.php?/topic/3845-eurovision-song-contest-2011/