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  2. Haha thanks! I often think that people would be happier if the bigger parties split, eg Trumpers had their own party, Berine fans had their own party etc. Divisions within parties make getting elected harder, because candidates are undermined by their own colleagues, and less gets done because of internal power struggles. More parties = more choice = better representation. In theory, anyway, in Europe they have a lot more parties and there are a lot more coalitions, so things move more slowly.
  3. Okay. I had one of my British colleagues explain the parties to me, so now things are easier to understand lol. But she couldn't explain the election mess to me; your post is very clear! I think it's a pretty different situation from trump, since there is a whole lot of people who are very much for him. But the big similarity is that the legislation is very divided, which makes it ineffective. Also the divides within parties, i.e. Old school republicans vs. Trumpers, Bernie-supporting democrats vs. Hilary supporters (moderates vs. far-right/left.)
  4. Yeah, it's a little bit above us to plan an actual convention. Plan your own event!
  5. Okay, so In April our Conservative Prime Minister called a snap election because she wanted to increase her quite-slim Parliamentary majority, so she could get Brexit done how she wanted with minimal opposition. It was expected that, because she seemed quite formidable and The People Wanted Brexit, she would win a tonne of seats in Parliament. (She also called an election because she took over leadership of the Conservatives last year when the previous PM quit, so she wanted to hush the people who moaned that she wasn't elected by the electorate - in the UK different parties have different ways of electing their leaders.) But Then The Conservatives had a bad campaign. Theresa came across as cold - she refused to do a bunch of debates and the Conservative manifesto included some bad policies, like bringing back fox hunting, making old people sell their homes to get care for certain illnesses, ending fuel allowance for old people and ending pension security for old people. Most old people vote Conservative/most Conservative voters are old people. BAD MOVE THERESA DON'T BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU. Also, Labour - the main-ish opposition party - had a relatively good campaign. Their very-left-wing leader Jeremy Corbyn is really popular with the youth vote, and a lot of young people are angry about Brexit, the Conservatives and the possibility of bringing back fox hunting. It was expected Labour would lose a tonne of seats, because a lot of Labour members think Corbyn is too left wing. The party has been very divided since he took over; it was assumed they would bomb. But Then We had several weeks of politicians of all colours tearing shreds out of one another. BREXIIITTTTT hissed a lot of people. What about BREXXIIIITTTT. None of the parties had a lot of good ideas about Brexit negotiations/what was 'best for the UK'. The public are fed up with votes. People resented Theresa for calling the election. The Manchester bombing and London Bridge happened. People got tired and irritable. And Then On polling day, a fuck tonne of people turned out to vote. Loads. Especially young people, who normally don't vote. It turned out that less people liked Theresa May than she thought. Maybe less people want a 'hard Brexit' (very little connection with the EU) than it was thought. More people like Jeremy Corbyn than it was thought. So Then The Conservatives are the biggest party in Parliament, but they don't have enough MPs to form a majority government (a 'hung parliament'). Because they're a minority government, they're doing frantic negotiations with a Northern Irish party, the DUP, because then they would have enough seats to form a majority and pass laws n shit. There won't be an official coalition like there was in 2010, because the DUP and Conservatives are too different, so they have to make deals on a law-by-law basis. This means everything, including Brexit stuff, will take longer. The opposition is very big now - Labour made relatively huge gains - so it will be harder for the Conservatives to push through unpopular policies. Theresa May is no longer popular in her party. Jeremy Corbyn is now regarded by some as similar to Jesus. If May resigns/is pushed out, there may be an election in the autumn. No one fucking wants that. Watch this space to see who forms a minority government with whom. Be suspicious of the DUP; they have repeatedly blocked gay marriage in Northern Ireland and are anti-abortion. Lots of Conservatives are unhappy with the alliance. Lots of other Northern Irish parties are worried about the alliance too, and its implications for the Northern Irish peace process, but that's another story. TL;DR It's not as bad as Trump, but it's pretty chaotic.
  6. I've never really gotten the British political parties and I haven't been paying too much attention to the election coverage. Can someone explain what happened to me?
  7. My mom's boyfriend is from Bristol and he's not having it.
  8. I've been on a 70s and 80s binge lately - Blondie, George Michael, the Bee Gees... if it crops up on my YouTube and I can dance to it, I'm there!
  9. I know. When Brexit happened, my family were absolutely crowing about the future of the country now we're free you just don't get how good this is and I had to go down the pub for an emergency drink/group therapy. There was so much bullshit. Today... very little from the losing side. I made plans to go down the pub to recover anyway, but the atmosphere will be a bit different haha. I mean, there's plenty of time for Facebook shitslinging - one of my family posted a really rude, sarcastic post on my public Facebook page yesterday about the Tories and I ignored it, but this morning I was so tempted to say something as snarky as he's said to me since Brexit. I won't, because I'm better than that, but I think I will have a nice weekend watching Orange is the New Black and ignoring everyone.
  10. I deliberately avoid searching MCR online... I run an MCR fansite, The Webways (well I did, I'm too busy now to give it proper attention) and sometimes I'll post on Tumblr and come back hours later to find an entire argument has unfolded while I was gone...
  11. When the next election/large political event happens please can someone remind me to just turn off my Internet completely the day of and day after? Bored of the stupidity and bitterness.
  12. All I got on my Tumblr was just things like that. I deleted it three hours after the Living with Ghosts trailer came out.
  13. I could not survive no sunlight. I'm like one of those plants that visibly moves toward the sun whenever it comes out. I love the nighttime but eternal darkness would drive me bananas. I'd need one of those sun lamps if I moved to Scandinavia!
  14. It's only drama if you think it's drama... no one here pays any attention to Tumblr people stirring things up and it's probably why we're all still here haha.
  15. I only joined a month or so ago, we're all still here thou
  16. I literally just discovered this website and I'm amazed at the fact that it isn't completely unactive. I only joined the fandom during the MCRX drama XD
  17. Personally, I love the night, and night time and all that, so I think I would love to live in a place where there's even more of it.
  18. I've been getting into a lot of indie and pop punk bands recently, stuff like Neck Deep, Moose Blood, The Story So Far, Hot Mulligan, Modern Baseball, The Front Bottoms, Tigers Jaw, shit like that.
  19. I've really been listening too Nirvana, twenty one pilots, P!ATD, Fall Out Boy, Queen, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, P!nk, Foo Fighters, Linking Park, Green Day, etc. I also really like electro swing artists and bands like Jamie Berry, Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace, A Hat In Time, the Swinggrowers, Lyre Le Temps, and Cazzete. Its good shtuff
  20. Dang it. I was super pumped when I found out that there was a something almost like a con for killjoys. I started reading the pages to get as much info as possible, but when I reached pg 58, "I was like screw it, I'm going to the last page". I saw that it was only going to be a meetup, I was kinda bummed because when 2019 comes I will still be just a minor. I completely understand why you guys did it, though
  21. I live too far south for the midnight sun myself, so I've just experienced it for a couple of days. But it's pretty confusing, cause you can't see night coming, since the sun never sets, it just goes around and around xD most people have good curtains I think, but an eye mask works. I bought one this weekend but as I said, where I live we have sunset and sunrise all year. But it's only dark from like 11pm-3am or something these days. Which is great compared to the middle of the winter when it's only light from 9am-3pm or something. Where my friend lives, they don't see the sun for several months in the winter... I don't know if I could survive that!
  22. Hahaaa those were the days. I used to stay up in Asia to message people, or sometimes I would be up at 9am and family in the UK just hadn't gone to bed... What's it like having it light permanently? I'm always fascinated by it. Like do you guys all own eye masks?!
  23. Wonder Woman. It was freaking amazing
  24. I'm currently visiting my best friend, and can't sleep, cause in the north off Norway, where she lives, the sun never goes down at this time off year. And her curtains are not keeping the lights out xD and that made me miss the days when I would stay on the board way past bedtime, because that was when all the Americans arrived. This would've been a night when I would chat all night long instead of sleeping.
  25. There's always a little influx if Warner releases something new, but a lot of people don't know we're here - there's no active promotion of the street team any more.
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